Facebook announces new tools and features to nurture community builders

Recently, Facebook announced new tools in Facebook Groups that empower the community builders to obtain more features together. As communities are growing Facebook wants to keep people more engaged and have more entertainment. So they have come up with many exciting features to thrill the user.

Customized and dominant community

Every group develops its own culture. Just to make your community unique and give an authentic feel, new features have been added.

  • You can customize the theme, color background, and text font style of the post on the community display which can be monetized by the community.
  • You can use admin feature sets to select a collection of post formats, badges, admin tools, and many more just by changing the way you want with one click.
  • A greeting card would be sent to the new members who join your community. The suggested formats will be used by the members when they post new content.

Rooting the connections

It's hard for the community members to connect with everyone and get benefits. With one main feed, it's tough for the members to find the content they want and engage with people. To overcome this crisis, Facebook came up with the idea of implementing subgroups to the main community group. This would be easy for the members to find their specific topics, regions, or occasions all in one place and go deeper with what they care about.

  • If people want to connect in real-time people. Then they can directly communicate in community chats in both Facebook as well Messenger apps.
  • The admin can get deeper engagement with the community members by creating recurring events where they can meet and get together regularly either in person or virtually.

Regulate your community

There are new tools added on to make the admin work easier to manage the community.

  • As it's one main page feed, there will be varied content from the members. Admin important notes or content will automatically go down by members posting. That's how admin can pin the announcement or any content at the top of the group which ensures their community sees admin content first.
  • There is an update on the Admin Asset where they can create their criteria and the reason why Admin declines certain posts and features are accessible in all platforms including Facebook lite.
  • Community chats make the admin easily connect with a moderate team member and make coordinated decisions in real-time.

Earn through your community

A suite of tools is established to help the admin to nurture the group in a better and effective way.

  • By creating a community of fundraisers you can earn money from your group members for your ongoing or upcoming projects or show appreciation for the admin.
  • Merchandise can sell their products through shops in the community, seeking support from their members and deepening the marketing funnel.
  • By creating paid subgroups in your community. You can invite the members to purchase your subgroup for accessing the exclusive information and data as experiences like yoga, health, pets, and many.

With these different ways, you can make money by building a Facebook Community.

Wrap up

Some communities have both pages and groups where they manage the members and expand people whom they want and decline unwanted. So Facebook has come up with a new extension, introducing customer experience to both pages and groups in one place. All in one!

These features are under testing process over the next year, before they become accessible broadly.

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Sri Nandhini G



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