Future Gadgets 2022: Awesome innovative technology

Have we ever imagined bringing classes home via apps? We haven't. Unimaginable technology has come real-time. Sure we had the concept of artificial intelligence and robotics back then seen in movies and screen, but now the technologies are coming into reality. Imagine the technologies in the future would be like: Will there be flying cars? Can we go on vacation in virtual reality? Will we have floating farms? The possibilities and expectations are endless. Today we shall know some cool innovative technologies which will come in real life soon. Excited to know about Future gadgets and their innovative technology

1. Virtual Kissing Device for LDR

"Kissenger" sounds similar to Messenger’' right! This is a device developed by researchers from the Imagineering Lab at City University London for long-distance relationship couples.

Long-distance relationships are difficult not just by staying apart and missing their presence but also they have absolutely zero possibility of physical intimacy. To solve this problem, a Kissenger gadget is developed.

The device mimics the real kiss with the pressure sensors. The user can pair the device with messaging apps and send kisses to their lovable ones.

So when the kiss is sent Kissenger measures the pressure and replicates the same kiss to the receiver. The lip part is made of silicon. I don't know if it will be like a real kiss or a cold silicon kiss, who knows. It's purely for regular pecks on the cheeks or mouth - no tongue attributes are available.

2. Amazon Trash Can

We would have heard this dialogue in deductive movies as "To get clues about the culprit, we should start searching from his trash". I guess this would have inspired Amazon, they have developed ambient-friendly magical garbage.

The Amazon Trash Can has a tiny camera and barcode scanner in it. The device records the things you throw away from your tissue to milk cans. It sends the information to Amazon.com where the placement is done and shipped to you automatically. No more paper and pen is necessary to write monthly grocery lists.

Amazon Trash Can comment on your grocery things and eating habits with statements like: " An apple a day keeps the doctor away", or "Microbrew, all right", " 4th egg in this week?"

The gadget sounds cool but what happens when we don't have a balance in our account. That would be an issue. Moreover, we won't buy all the products we throw in the trash regularly, it depends on our moods. Who knows it might help people who shop a lot?

3. Machine that folds your cloth

The washing machine washes and dries the cloth. But folding the cloth is a difficult task for most of us. We feel too lazy to fold the clothes which get piled in the chair at the corner of the room. For super lazy people like me, there is an amazing laundry folding machine developed to ease out our work.

A laundry-folding machine or robot can fold the cloth and they can be stored compactly. It is a domestic product. The dress should be inserted into the machine manually. This can either be part of the washing machine or get integrated with it or used separately.

4. Rollable Television

LED Television holds much space in the wall. How would TV appear when you need it and disappear when you don't want to. It's already available in the market but doesn't get into the hands of people at a reasonable price.

SIGNATURE OLED R displays rolls in three different heights each with a stylish and unique purpose complimenting the space. You can watch your favorite movies in Full view mode, discrete types of content like news in Line view mood, or make the most of space in Zero view mode.

5. Robot Dogs

We are living in a world where you can't trust your own shadow. For centuries dogs have been synonymous with "Love and Loyalty". Dogs have been the best friend for humans.

Nowadays, raising a dog at home has become a new kind of culture. Dogs are cute and adorable, they do cute things and mesmerize us

How would such cute dogs end up with serious competition with AI-powered robotic dogs?

AI dogs do all the activities similar to normal dogs from swinging its tail to digging the pit in the sand. AI is meant to interact with human owners socially. It senses human moods and responds accordingly to its owner's emotions.

It has a camera in its eyes, capturing everything that happens around it. AI dogs can even learn new skills and enable them to deal with complex issues.

You don't need dog chains or evening walking or monthly dog baths, AI dogs are easy and comfortable to maintain and take care

6. Umbrella that forecasts the weather

We carry an umbrella in our bag and take it to all the places when the rainy season starts. Because we never know when it will rain or when the weather will turn sunny. To solve this problem an enchanted umbrella is developed.

It's an ambient umbrella that forecasts the calls for rain and communicates with the user by indicating with a series pattern of blue lights that the medication is for rain.

The device is armed with your ZIP code. The umbrella gets connected to Accuweather through a wireless receiver at its handle. It glows and pulses gentle blue light if the weather looks dreadful. You have to charge the umbrella before taking it with you outside.

Unlike the street corner $3 cheap umbrella it has got a lot more amazing features. This one will cost you around $125.

7. Fork that helps you lose weight

Most people's new year resolution is to lose weight, get fit, and look pretty with curves and biceps. But not everyone could accomplish their task. Because we couldn't hire a personal assistant to track our food habits and take us on the right path of shedding weight. To solve this problem Hapifork is developed.

Hapifork comes in five attractive colors. It alerts you with a gentle vibration when you eat quickly. It also measures the amount of food served per minute using the tines of the fork and records how long you take to eat. All this information is uploaded so that you can self-monitor your food habits and calories. It costs about $100.

8. Coffee Table that eavesdrops on your chat

Imagine you meet your friend who went abroad after many years in a coffee shop. She shares her experience in Germany ellobrating the places. How would the pictures of Germany's places be displaced under your mugs? When you mention the delicious food you tasted there, the picture gets displaced on the coffee table as you speak.

It's like an instant photo album. Facebook has designed a Coffee Table which listens to the real-time speech and picks up keywords from your conversation to pull relevant Facebook feed photos.

It is likely to be used in major hotels which will feature out nearby events, restaurants, displays traffic and weather helps out people with needy information.

9. AI Eyes that bring light to the blind

International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness's Vision Atlas takes eye data for 2021 and reveals the global report as there are 43 billion people who have blindness and 295 million people who live with visual impairment. New technology is coming into the market to restore the sight of people who have different kinds of vision impairment. To give light and life to many people Bionic eyes have been developed.

In 2020, Belgian scientists developed an artificial iris fitted to smart contact lenses that correct vision disorders. Scientists are even working on wireless brain implants that connect with eyes and activate the mission.

The world's first artificial cornea is implanted into a bilaterally blind, 78-year-old man by Israeli surgeons in January 2021. The patient could read and recognize their family member when the bandages were removed.

10. Airports for drones and flying taxis

As we see flying cars in Hollywood movies is going to come in reality. Drones and electric air taxis are coming into the market. Flying taxis are powered by a hydrogen generator, as a clean alternative to fuel.

The device is built-in Coventry. First Urban Airport is receiving funds from the UK government. The designs are by Hyundai and Airbus.


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