Physique and Social Media Influencer Satyam Gaur

Social media has blown over a decade across the world to become an influencer its not just enough to know the best time to post in it, what's the key is knowing how to capitalize on your talents and become must-click content creators! Social media is the platform where people become an overnight celebrities or create their brands to overgrow their followings. Over time, these people and brands reach their own league termed as ‘Social Media Influencer.’ this term become a game-changer in the world of social media due to its reach, features and shareability. Today we have come up with Knackit ‘Physique and Social Media Influencer Satyam Gaur’

Tell us your story

“Your body is a temple” I believe in this quote. Am a health and fitness conscious person from a young age. Participating in competitions and receiving medals and awards weren’t my focus in the initial stage all I wanted was to maintain good health. Workout and exercise infuse discipline in us. The discipline and hardwood inside me made to win the titles like Mr Offbeat (2017), Mr Ambrosial (2017), Mr Haryana in men physique, Mr Kurukshetra men physique champion ×2.

ISMF, Delhi organised Mr India recently I was on the top 5 contestants in it and even awarded as ‘The Best Ramp Walk’ model in it.

How and when did you start your content creation journey? Any future plans?

In Lockdown, I was very active on social media platforms. Then I Started Influencing. Seeing a lot of influencers doing this, I also felt like doing this and I really liked doing this work. That's why I thought of becoming an influencer first so that I can increase my confidence level and work further in the industry.

Your message to new creators

Short video app helps video influencers to make money as content creators or video creators. Increase the influencer likes and get followers to earn big cash in the influencer earning app. I suggest you Always create meaningful content. It should be interesting. Plus always create a video on what you are good at. Instead of copying others content open up your creativity and let your videos go with the trend. Be the trend maker instead of the trend follower.

Share your Knackit experience till now

Knackit is a talent video app or influencer talent platform in which influencers earn money by sharing talent. My experience was very good. Very good application for influencers for earning. Great platform to enhance your skills. Would like to collaborate further and also recommend all of you like Go and install the application through the play store and start earning.

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