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Splendid and Gracious dancer Jaanvi Jaiswal - Knackit

Over the past year, Jaanvi Jaiswal has become one of the active dancers in Knackit. Dance is her breath. The charm and humility she carries in her gracious steps are infectious. Last year, during the height of COVID-19 lockdown, she became a content creator in Social Media apps. The dancing body has been fetishized and extremely aesthetic.

Her legs get arched but not "cashewed" Her body swirls but they aren't "tornadoes". Her precise work, clarity and elegance, this is what makes her feel so refreshing. We all aren't mesmerized by the instruments but by the music that comes out of them. Music makes her dance.

For Jaanvi, dancing is her first language. Today we have come up with our special guest Jaanvi Jaiswal, an amazing and splendid dancer.

What are you passionate about?

When did you start your journey of being a creator?

Have you taken any training/courses or self-learning?

What are the struggles and challenges you faced?

Speaking about my physical injury. I've had a partial ligament tear in one of the knees. This became a big obstacle to my growth.

She said with confidence "I know I will overcome both of these issues. Dance is my life and I want to pursue it for my whole life."

How do you plan to grow in the future? What do 5 years down the line look like?

What do you feel about Knackit? Share your experience with us.

Knackit has presented a good opportunity to earn some money and it’s a big help. We are earning by just following our passion, our art. Thank you for that Knackit.

Looking forward to being associated with you guys for the long term.

What would you like to tell the youngsters of the nation?

Always focus on learning the right thing, practicing every day, and do research about your art. Know its history.

Also, your body is your temple. Take care of it. If an injury happens, give it time to heal.

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