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Imagine, you have built an application, eCommerce website for affiliate marketing, or online gaming software for all these you may have the database in the cloud or you may have your own. At the initial stages, the application will perform well as it has fewer users and traffic. As time passes, the number of page visits would increase and you would notice the slow down of your application speed. This would discomfort and disappoint the users. That’s how New Relic comes to fix your issues.

In this blog, let’s learn the basics of New Relic and We have our guest Nirav Prajapati, CPO at Knackit who exclusively shared some stuff about New Relic and its integration with Knackit.

What is New Relic?

New Relic is the platform that helps to build better software. New Relic is a web application performance service that is designed to work in real-time with your live web app.

Just by bringing all your digital data into New Relic, you can understand your web app better and how to improve it.

Moreover, the service can be used anywhere and anytime. New Relic is like a website plumber by fixing the leakages and blockages, making web apps run faster.

What is New Relic Features?

Once the New Relic application monitors your server, it shows useful data about your application's health and condition. The data will be about memory usage, CPU consumption, request transaction, and other system operations.

Based on these metrics, developers can easily access code and identify the bugs causing performance issues. The tool handles the SQL queries, so the developers can trace the error and rectify it easily.

New Relic helps with business metrics like the total number of logins, signups, orders placed, etc. New Relic also gives you an idea of the levels before your website gets crashes due to heavy traffic.

What is New Relic used for?

Before the customer or user faces any problems using the software, New relic helps you analyze and manage application performance, bottlenecks, and troubleshooting errors. This makes it easier to find the bug and fix it before users face issues.

Benefits Of New Relic

  • New Relic is accessible anywhere and anytime.
  • It’s simple to use. User friendly
  • Visualize a report when any downtime occurs in your web app.
  • You can find where your application is used most of the time.
  • It will record customer records and the developer can trace each error.

Why is Knackit integrated with New Relic?

Before knowing the reason behind the integration. Let’s know about the app.

What is Knackit?

Knackit is an exclusive app developed to unleash your inner talent. This app provides a platform to turn your passion into a profession in easy ways.

Creative and talented people who are striving to earn money from their talents or people who want to make passive income Knackit is the best app coming with various ways to earn money with simple tasks.

Thousands of active users are there in Knackit and earned millions over years. Just by posting videos, you can earn money by receiving tipping from your audience or viewers. You can even earn by referring your friends, creating subscriptions, and participating in weekly contests. There more than 100+ talents are broadly classified in the app.

Today we have come up with Nirav Prajapati, CPO at Knackit. He has shared his views on New Relic and his experience working with the New Relic software. We have asked a few sets of questions regarding the integration.

Why does Knackit choose New Relic?

We choose New Relic software because it has all infrastructure monitoring tools in one place. There are several technologies independent tools in the market but New Relic satisfies all our needs. Easier and simple to use access tools in one place.

How does New Relic benefit Knackit?

New Relic benefits Knackit in many ways but I would like to highlight the top 3 beneficial:

  • New Relic helps to track software performance like the number of connections to MySQL server, the number of reads and writes per second, monitors if there is any slow query and many more.
  • It helps us to monitor the server.
  • New Relic reports if there is any downtime in a visual form. So that we can take quick action and also it gives for the root problem to solve.

Does New Relic reduce your risk?

New Relic takes the pain of troubleshooting, monitoring, and maintaining the Knackit app away from our hands and makes it easier.

For example:

nginx - It analyzes API, web traffic, and tracks response time.

MySQL - Track slow query, improve index requirement and help distribution monitoring.

Wrap Up

New Relic is an amazing software that has all monitoring tools at one point and takes care of the web page or application backend queries and bugs. It alerts the developer of all bugs, downtime relevant to the increasing traffic and customer side issue reports. Knackit gets integrated with New Relic and provides the best performance and service to its users. New Relic plays a vital role in making Knackit the successful “Talent Sharing App.”

Download Knackit today and add revenue to your wallet!

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